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:::epic career ending rant that goes viral:::
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I know for a fact that my neighbor's door has not been opened in two weeks.
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Oy, it's out busy season. I've been in the deli for almost a year now, and I pretty much own it. I'm night shift, a closer, so we who work nights have to leave it spotless, and ready for the day people to walk in, turn everything on, and get to work. That goes more smoothly with some coworkers than others. Tonight for the first time in months I worked with my 2 favorite people. Shawna and I have over 50 years combined experience in foodservice. I don't know what Aurelio did back in the Philippines (his English isn't so good) but he's a fucking machine. We finished 30 minutes early. Nobody walks out early in the summer but us. In my perfect world, I'd only work with the two of them.
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There's not much going on at home, but work has kept me from being bored. My friend Aurelio is coming back from a month long visit back home to the Philippines, and I was thinking last night that he's got a lot of catching up to do. The store manager and 2 of our deli people gone, one new guy hired, another new guy trained (by me) to fry at night, and some new equipment.
I'm in mass-production mode now. My department makes take and bake pizzas for the store, so i spend my day in a refrigerated room hammering them out. After 3 weeks on the fryers, it's nice not to sweat. I don't have to deal with customers either, which is nice, because I can only deal with humanity so much before I get sick of people.
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and it doesn't involve me!
wednesday morning when the store manager showed up, 2 guys from corporate met him at the door, told him he was fired and to GTFO the property. the assistant manager then had to clean out the manager's office and bring him his stuff off-premises.
if anybody knows why this happened, they're not telling.
i've asked a couple of long-term employees if they'd ever seen anything like this before, and they haven't. they've seen managers get caught stealing, fail piss tests, etc., and that was just grounds for demotion back to the ranks. he was only with my store for a few months - it could have been something from the store he left come back to bite him on the ass. we just had inventory a couple weeks ago, that could have shown some lager-scale hanky panky. whatever it was, it must have been gross misconduct of the grossest kind for corporate to send out a hit squad like that.
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April Fools day on LJ was more fun when Brad owned it.
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I'm getting annoyed with my boss, because of our schedules. She's good about getting all of us 35+ hours a week, but the way she does it... A good 8 hour day is 2:30 to 11 pm. That gives us 1 hour from the time we close the deli to when we clock out. That's one hour that we don't have to deal with pesky customers. We can get our pots and pans scrubbed, take out the trash, scrub the floors, and such things. Lately, she's got us working from 2:00 to 10:30. That only gives us 30 minutes post-closing. It's cramping our style.
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I just woke up with the sentence 'They call him Rick FUN-torum" in the front of my mind. That must have been one hell of a dream.
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i like having someone i can send random text messages to.


Mar. 24th, 2012 01:57 pm
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Android test
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Do i hear birds singing? Nope, just weedwhackers and pressure washers. I'm gonna go live in a yurt in the woods.
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Just testing out the LJ phone app before bedtime.
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looks like i've got a 3 nick Drake song threshold before it's time to listen to some mardi gras music.
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Third fun family evening here at the homestead in a row. This is a record. What we're dong, it works.
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if you know me on facebook, you'll have seen that i got a promotion at work a week and a half ago. if my store was the army, i went from pfc to buck sergeant. in the past 10 days. i've worked 5, so i've been a bit out of the gossip loop. it turns out that there has been a hue and cry, there has been a gnashing of teeth and a rending of clothes. willie loman has pounded the table and spoken of promises made.
all by people in my department with whom i do not work. the day shift. the ones with the cake job.
11 people work day shift. 1 person works mid, 5 work nights, and 2 go wherever.
the boss needed a supervisory-type for nights, none of the old hands from days wanted to work nights so she tapped me. day shift went wild.
now nobody's said anything to me, because they saw how i handled the department bully last fall, but there has been enough of a stink raised that we're having a department meeting thursday. and if anybody says hit about me, i'll invite them to come to nights and try to out cook, out clean, and out hustle me. which i'm sure will be met with silence or muttered tagalog obscenities.
the meeting on thursday is a real pisser. i'd specifically asked for that day off so i could go across the mountains and see somebody, but a 1:30 pm meeting pushed that back a bit.

the meeting isn't all about my thing though - our boss is a restaurant person, as are 4 of us night shifters. we do what it takes to get shit done, and if you have to light a fire under somebody's ass, you do it. all the injured parties in this case are people with corporate grocery backgrounds. they need to be loved and held, and given trophies just for showing up. it's a culture clash.
grr. just fucking grr. also meh.
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how do i recap 9 months into one LJ entry?
like this!
back in july, there was finally an opening in the deli at my store. i left the freight crew so fast there was a sonic boom. with my cooking experience i've pwned every task set before me, and am now a rockstar. but hey boss, quit calling me in on my days off because your weak links keep calling out, ok? Tory and i are separated marriage-wise, but we still live in the same house. we actually get along better than we have in years. people change, they grow apart, and that's what we did. we're in no hurry to get divorced for a dozen reasons, finance, insurance, a stable home for Christy and her delightful child being among them. She and christy live upstairs, i live downstairs.
Tick died, i posted a memorial to her. the cats are well, and we've even taken in a neighbor kitty that bailed on its house because it didn't like the dogs that lived there. so we're at 4 cats, 2 birds.
it was weird at first the whole thing with tory, but we've gotten comfortable with it. probably more comfortable with it than most of out friends. we've been so low-key about it, only about half of them know. we're bringing a few more up to speed at a time. oh yes, this me bringing all of y'all up to speed.
we even have an agreement to tell each other if there is some outside involvement. after several months, we both have these involvement things. she's been seeing some guy down the other side of olympia, and i have this thing that i wouldn't call a romance, but there is moar to it than just friendship, and this thing we've got we're going to be doing for a good while, with somebody on the other side of the mountains. who is probably reading this and laughing (0 hai!).

so, tl;dr
job is good, cook a lot, wife is now housemate and friend, she has a BF, i have an it's complicated, and my parrot just pooped on me and bit my ear.
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chrome and lj just don't get along. at least on my infernal machine they don't.all i've been getting is timeouts and blank pages. i wrote it off to all the ddos attacks i'd read about. but noooooooooooooo. i fired up firefox tonight, and it's all good. did page to page comparisons when i wasn't busy getting bitten by parrots.
freakin' browsers. i miss netscape 2.5 for Mac.
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