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if you know me on facebook, you'll have seen that i got a promotion at work a week and a half ago. if my store was the army, i went from pfc to buck sergeant. in the past 10 days. i've worked 5, so i've been a bit out of the gossip loop. it turns out that there has been a hue and cry, there has been a gnashing of teeth and a rending of clothes. willie loman has pounded the table and spoken of promises made.
all by people in my department with whom i do not work. the day shift. the ones with the cake job.
11 people work day shift. 1 person works mid, 5 work nights, and 2 go wherever.
the boss needed a supervisory-type for nights, none of the old hands from days wanted to work nights so she tapped me. day shift went wild.
now nobody's said anything to me, because they saw how i handled the department bully last fall, but there has been enough of a stink raised that we're having a department meeting thursday. and if anybody says hit about me, i'll invite them to come to nights and try to out cook, out clean, and out hustle me. which i'm sure will be met with silence or muttered tagalog obscenities.
the meeting on thursday is a real pisser. i'd specifically asked for that day off so i could go across the mountains and see somebody, but a 1:30 pm meeting pushed that back a bit.

the meeting isn't all about my thing though - our boss is a restaurant person, as are 4 of us night shifters. we do what it takes to get shit done, and if you have to light a fire under somebody's ass, you do it. all the injured parties in this case are people with corporate grocery backgrounds. they need to be loved and held, and given trophies just for showing up. it's a culture clash.
grr. just fucking grr. also meh.
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