Feb. 19th, 2012

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how do i recap 9 months into one LJ entry?
like this!
back in july, there was finally an opening in the deli at my store. i left the freight crew so fast there was a sonic boom. with my cooking experience i've pwned every task set before me, and am now a rockstar. but hey boss, quit calling me in on my days off because your weak links keep calling out, ok? Tory and i are separated marriage-wise, but we still live in the same house. we actually get along better than we have in years. people change, they grow apart, and that's what we did. we're in no hurry to get divorced for a dozen reasons, finance, insurance, a stable home for Christy and her delightful child being among them. She and christy live upstairs, i live downstairs.
Tick died, i posted a memorial to her. the cats are well, and we've even taken in a neighbor kitty that bailed on its house because it didn't like the dogs that lived there. so we're at 4 cats, 2 birds.
it was weird at first the whole thing with tory, but we've gotten comfortable with it. probably more comfortable with it than most of out friends. we've been so low-key about it, only about half of them know. we're bringing a few more up to speed at a time. oh yes, this me bringing all of y'all up to speed.
we even have an agreement to tell each other if there is some outside involvement. after several months, we both have these involvement things. she's been seeing some guy down the other side of olympia, and i have this thing that i wouldn't call a romance, but there is moar to it than just friendship, and this thing we've got we're going to be doing for a good while, with somebody on the other side of the mountains. who is probably reading this and laughing (0 hai!).

so, tl;dr
job is good, cook a lot, wife is now housemate and friend, she has a BF, i have an it's complicated, and my parrot just pooped on me and bit my ear.


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